How Media Ownership Matters

Here are some recent publications related to my research project How Media Ownership Matters:

Rethinking the Sociology of Media Ownership” (in L. Grindstaff, Ming-Cheng M. Lo, and John R. Hall, eds., Routledge Handbook of Cultural Sociology, 2019). 

Media Ownership and Public Service News: How Strong are Institutional Logics?” (with Timothy Neff and Mattias Hesserus in International Journal of Press/Politics, 2018) 

Can Foundations Solve the Journalism Crisis?” (in Journalism, 2018). 

See also my review of Julia Cagé’s very interesting book Saving the Media (Harvard, 2016) in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 2018.

At the 2018 International Communication Association conference in Prague, I presented a paper on “Civil Society/Non-Profit News Organizations in France, Sweden, and the U.S.” with Julie Sedel. At the 2019 ICA conference in Washington, D.C., I will be presenting a paper on “Media Ownership and Economic Instrumentalism” with Tim Neff.